About me​

One very wise man said, "Cash is King". Let's be the crown prince of the King by honing money tips and cash tips in our personal and professional life.​

My Story

I am Fahri Ahmed, a curious heart, always eluded by the life around me to ask questions of how, where, when, and why. Especially, when it comes to money aka cash, the questions become yet more intriguing because this is one thing that we all have in common. Whether you are a business, a self-employed person, an employee, or a blue-collar worker, more than often, cash drive your life decision. In fact, we live in a world where if you are not cash sufficient, you are not self-sufficient.

I started my complicated relationship with cash during my O’level time when I was intrigued to make some money of my own. My first date with cash was when I started working as a part-time accounting teacher. Since then the value of money has become vital to many of my decisions. My journey from a naive girl from Dhaka, Bangladesh to an independent woman living in the heart of Malaysia has taken me through a tumultuous journey.

Along the ride, I have known the value of money, how to earn it, manage it, and spend it. I have had the greatest opportunities to work in different industries including marketing, investment, fintech, and digital marketing. I also had the good fortune to know business owners, both big and small, and learn about their life stories.

All those stories taught me that cash is vital to survival, for you, your career, your business and your family. This is one thing you cannot get by in your life. So, this blog is to start a conversation on all things cash, money, and finances. This is an attempt to develop a learning hub to help each other to become cash independent.

Grab your morning coffee and join me on this journey! If you like to tell your stories or offer feedback on my next topic, do write to me. I have dropped my contact details below.